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Island peak which is also known as Imja Tse. It is situated at twenty thousand above sea level and is located in the pictures of the Imja valley which is just a few miles away from the region of Mt. Everest. The island peak climbing is an active climb and must be treated with the respect due to its height of twenty thousand. Peak climbing in Nepal is probably the best opportunity for the advanced as well the beginner climbers. There are several glaciers climb which is really very challenging.

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Though territory of Nepal is comparatively smaller than its neighbour, but the region is gifted with the best trekking area around Everest and also some other tall mountain peaks. Mentioned below are some of the wonderful places for trekking in Nepal.

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Everest Base Camp

It’s every human’s fantasy to touch the feet of the mountain and only some risk their life in order to touch its summit. One of the greatest fear that you encounter while trekking over the Himalayas is not about its steep slopes, freezing cold or the wild animals there. But the ailment which is called the altitude sickness. After you have climbed to an altitude of twenty-five thousand feet and you not accustomed to its environment then you may suffer from the ailment.

Upper Mustang Trekking

The place has amused with the green and lush area of the place. And have also made up an image of green Nepal. While the geologist has found a contradictory phenomenon that the place falls under the no rainfall zone. Apart from the trekking, the trekker will also have the privilege to visit the sacred temple known as Muktinath.

Gokyo Trek

This trek is famous as it is also called to be the tear or the sweat of the Himalayas, either of the way the glacier lakes is a wonder to observe. The alpine valley of the Gokyo attracts the climbers with the pictures of the six sacred glacier lake.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

The place is ranked among the best trekking places in the world. The Annapurna represent itself with thirty mountain peaks among this Annapurna I is the tenth highest peak of the world with eight thousand and ninety-one metre. Most of the time you will admire the green landscape of the place, which witnesses the lifestyle of the hillside villages. It feels fascinating while having a photo shoot of the lovely snow peaks.